Apples and pears

MJ Pronk BV founded as a fruit specialist in 1962, later developing into a full range supplier. Selling appels and pears is still our core business. We work with growers throughout the Netherlands.

This allows us to supply apples and pears all year round in any type of packaging required, such as EPS, wooden crates or boxes, and either loose, packed or unsorted. We supply only the best quality from well known cultivation regions including Noord-Holland, the Betuwe, Limburg and Zeeland.

The best products from each cultivation region (a small selection)

Noord-Holland :               Conference en Doyenne du Comice
de Betuwe :                       Elstar, Rode Boskoop, Jonagold
Limburg :                           Cox en Golden Delicious
Zeeland :                           Beurre Hardy en Bonne Louise.

With over 50 years of experience in hard fruit, we are experts in apples and pears!