Greenhouse vegetables

At MJ Pronk BV we work with growers who provide the quality we require. Some familiar names are Honingtomaten®, Harvest of Health and Tasty Tom. MJ Pronk BV is an independent company, so we can supply all requested brands. Whatever the customer wants, we look for a suitable supplier and arrange the delivery.

As we have our own branch at the vegetable auction in Mechelen, we can obtain products from the popular brands Flandria and Tomabel every day. These include Elite, Prince and Princess tomatoes as well as sweet peppers in all colours, which are available on a daily basis. The products purchased are delivered to the customer the same day to guarantee freshness. Besides the Dutch and Belgian greenhouse vegetable season we have contacts in Spain, Morocco and Italy. Products are imported from these countries and then exported again as quickly as possible to give the same freshness guarantee. This means that in winter, we have a comprehensive range of top-quality vegetables.